Friday, July 11, 2014


Our patriotic spirit has been in full effect. We cheered on the US team against Belgium in the World Cup game. The girls made signs to wave at the TV.

Festive 4th of July run with friends
followed by swim and lunch at my parents

Molly loved Papa and Grammy's float
and was a big fan of the popcorn bowl

Decided to keep it low key and bank on watching our neighbor's professional fireworks show with aunts, uncles, and cousins. Sparklers at dusk, or slightly before. 

Our court (and far from our house) was the perfect place to set off our big fireworks

After the big in-the-sky show, our other neighbors continued with their fireworks stand finds. The kids were in awe.

Very thankful for our country. And very thankful that on the 5th of July, Melissa and the girls made it home to the US from Israel. We surprised her at the airport. She traveled close to 24 hours with no sleep, 14 hours in a plane with a 1 and 3 year old. She is my hero.

 We waited one hour in the airport with 7 children, and we sympathized with Melissa all the more. My dad took a sweet little video of our embrace, but I think I'll save our tears of joy and that special moment for just us.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Sleepover and The Beach trip

With school out for the summer, my parents hosted the big kids for a big sleepover early in June. My parents are so kind and brave to take on all 5. Entertained with crafts, swimming, movies, dress up (and I'm sure wrestling and cousin antics), they all had a wonderful time. We finished off the morning with a Father's Day brunch to honor my Dad. 

Sidenote: afternoon after the sleepover Ava spent several hours at a birthday party and came home to me like this. She asked her face to be painted as a skeleton. So random and eery, Ava.
A few weeks later we took our crew down to the Virginia Beach boardwalk. My parents hosted us at a beach resort in spacious condos for a long weekend. It was a perfect taste of the sun and sand to kick off summer. Molly loved her first official (non newborn) visit, loved the sand and couldn't get enough of the ocean!

Molly and her trusty sidekick, Kelten! (Can't wait to have the "triplets" together and see how Juliet adds to the fun!)

 Wiffle ball on the beach

 Love this group shot!
I don't remember what he was licking, but he wanted me to snap a picture. Cutie!
 The resort's rental company set up a whole area for kids to build sandcastles every day
 Hard at work on a mud castle
 My cute parents

 The dads and their babies
 No fear!


my sand castle building babes
Ava was a wave-riding fool! And the lifeguards had hung a red flag out, so the surf was pretty intense. Thankful for Papa who loves to be out there too.

Sophie's wish for the trip was to be buried in sand. It lasted approximately 80 seconds.
Ice cream every night!

Hide and seek and games in Grammy and Papa's room
Dog pile! Papa's on the bottom
A nice dinner out and photo op

 Drizzly morning sent us to an indoor putt putt place

 then the arcade

Great vacation and wonderful way to start the summer!