Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Little Madness in March

Even with "spring" forward with our clocks, March was mostly more of the same winter temps, snow, heavy coats and runny noses with a few sunny nice days here and there. If it didn't cost so much, I would burn my heavy winter running apparel. It is so tired from overuse October - April. Enough complaining about weather, it didn't stop us from having some special times at school, with friends and family and even a marathon thrown in there too!

Ava and Sophie had their read-a-thon at school this month. For 11 days they read an hour (Ava) and 30 minutes (Sophie) each day. Even when they aren't reading for "credit", they both love to read aloud to Molly when I need her attention directed away from climbing the stairs. Perhaps a baby gate might help as well.

 Earlier in March, they had spirit week at school which meant crazy hair day, mismatch day, favorite sports day and more. They ended the week with a day at the bowling alley! 
Mismatched from their heads to their feet.
During Dr. Seuss week, Lily also had wacky day at preschool. I hair-chalked her up, and she wore her Christmas dress over a colorful outfit and mis-matched shoes. She adores her school.

 During a recent playdate Lily, Snow White and I demo'ed the Sunday school activity I had planned for the upcoming Sunday. All of the Disney characters got to cross the Jordan River.
 We turned the water blue with food coloring. The lesson: we couldn't part the water and our people's feet got wet, but God could and the Israelites' feet stayed dry :) Both these and the SS kids loved this water activity!

Lily is seeing that Molly might be a fun playmate as well.
 They worked together on a block tower...
 Molly knocked it over.

 that Molly Kate is always very proud to create a mess...
and Lily doesn't apologize while doling out the punishment (although in this pic it looks as though Molly has a good grasp on Lily's hair - her signature move!)

 Despite any hair pulling naughtiness, Molly can usually beg a treat. Sophie shared her ice cream after dinner. Guess who is her favorite? Although she still does call every sister "Ava", and her face lights up no matter which sister enters the room.

St. Patrick's Day was actually a snow day home. Talk about madness! Per my tiny tradition, I dyed their juice green and they loved it. (I also organized all of the bathing suits that day, hence Lily in swimwear)

Quick Molly update - 10-11 months - She cut her top four teeth, bringing her teeth total to 6. She pushes her little push carts while walking behind them and is trying to work up the nerve to take steps solo. She does not say Mama yet (grrr), but she says "Hi" and put her hand out for a wave or a High Five, "Buh Buh" for Bye Bye, "Da Da" and "Ahhh Dah" for All Done (I teach one single baby sign language sign, and it is a helpful one when they use it and say it too!) She loves remote controls and eating paper when she can sneak it. She snagged a corner of Sophie's homework page one afternoon, which completely delighted Sophie. She had to tell her teacher that her baby ate her homework. Beyond paper, she's a great food eater and will eat most anything I throw on her tray. She's a happy little soul, and I could just eat her chubby cheeks and chunky thighs all day long. Chomp.

My nephew Kelten celebrated his first birthday. I was briefly out of town for the marathon, but I was partying in spirit. "If you really {Mustache} I'm One!" How cute is he with his curls?

We celebrated Gigi and Michael's birthdays in the middle of the month too.

Becca is adding to the Samson clan in July! Yay for a newborn cousin/niece or nephew!
Michael may be 32, but we still make him sit at the kid's table.

Chocolate cake for Gigi and lots of help with the candle blowing


The last family birthday of the month was Miss Juliet's. We got to celebrate with her virtually. We videoed a birthday song and blew out a candle, and I let the girls have angel food cake for breakfast. I got to Facetime with the new one year old too! She is a beauty. My parents had the privilege of being in Israel for the birthday girl's big day.

Prepping to leave for a night for my marathon meant crying over spilled milk. Literally. I needed every ounce! 
I headed to Virginia Beach with 4 girlfriends to run my first post-4thbaby marathon. It was a great little get-a-way, and I managed my second best marathon time on the windy streets and boardwalk. 
I sent this blurry but festive picture to the kids from the expo.
we found the pot of gold!
Donny did a great job with all 4 and even got them all to church. Sophie is hard at work perfecting her ponytail-making skills.  When I was away, she did Lily's hair. 

Here we are at the start line, the "marathon girls" as our training group called us - me, Ashley and Nancy. There were 3 of us that took on the 26.2 but we had a great group of friends who trained during all this dreadful winter with us. It had been two years since I ran a marathon, and it felt good to be back at it. It is such an exhilarating distance, exhausting, yes, but it was like seeing an old friend. Never ever do tired beat up legs make me more happy!
After I filled my bag with stinky clothes, I was ready to be home and back to my people. As I write this we are expecting a high of 65 and the sun is out! Putting on my shades, it's April!!