Sunday, December 7, 2014

10 Years

Donny and I celebrated ten years of marriage a month early. We stayed at the Cove at the Atlantis and enjoyed 4 days 3 nights of kid-free quality together time. We left on a Thursday morning and returned Sunday afternoon. Our days were filled with relaxing, reading, watching movies, riding slides, wandering the resort and enjoying not being needed by work or little people. 
The first night we had dinner at the One and Only Ocean Club. 
The second night it was one of our favorites, Mesa Grill. 
Beautiful scenery on my run
Donny in sports heaven at the Sports Book. 
Rain didn't ruin our day Saturday but it was nice to see the sun come out and a rainbow! 
Our last night we ate at Nobu but snapped a picture in the Royal Towers lobby. 
Our last morning was beautiful and we took full advantage of the warm sun with a walk on the beach and a few last rides on some slides. 
Toes in the sand pic for Karen ;)
Donny made this a well-planned anniversary. From the limo ride and champagne (that thanks to Bohemian lack of customer service, never happened..) to the dinner reservations and even a little shopping without complaining. Love him. 
It was amazing. 
But I was more than ready to hug my babies when I got home!!! They had an awesome time with Grammy and Papa (huge thank you to them for taking on 4 kids for 4 days!) We brought a little balmy weather back with us, and we enjoyed the first day of Thanksgiving break mostly outside.

Fall family photos

So I learned the hard (and pricey) way to have my pictures backed up and one of my only solaces when I thought I lost 10 years of pictures was knowing I had this blog with at least some of them. After 4 days at the geek squad, my computer came home with a new hard drive and recovered files - thank goodness! 
Already posted these on Facebook but was so happy with the way they turned out. We got beautiful warm weather for November, and the girls were in good moods. Donny dislikes picture day but he can fake a good smile :) thanks to John Ramira for taking them! 
Donnys work card picture selection :)

Christmas card contender...
And the one I picked 
Here's the video our friend John put together that really captures the girls in action. So sweet especially of Molly since she didn't want to pose as much as the others.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy Fall photo dump

In no particular order. 
Too cool for school - MK and Lil
Convention of the neked girls pre-shower time. Also, I outsourced potty training. (Not really, she was playing around but we did get some pee in there recently! Ha!)
Sophie's selfie of her mouth. She's 5 weeks with no thumb sucking and wears long socks over her hands each night to ensure she doesn't accidentally suck in the middle of the night. It seems to be working!
Nap post-birthday party, this one still sucks :)
Sophie makes me take pictures of the buns I do so she can critique, so there were like 5 of these pictures from the past few months.
Uncle Chad's hat
Dinner after Cade's football game. Aunt Megan and the wiggly toddlers
Saturday fall fun
Day off shopping with the girls. Ava modeling some Old Navy items :)
Preschool Halloween party planner 
Lilys preschool picture proof

MCM and 5 great spectators. Donny had the girls all over the course!! My parents and several girlfriends made it out to DC as well! A tad too windy and warm for a PR but I was pleased all in all. 
My running girlfriends after our final training run
Fuzzy MCM finisher picture
Molly wearing Ava's tee from 2008 the last time I ran MCM
Lilys lacrosse preview day with Sage and McKenna - too cute!
Afternoon at the rec center pool. Molly is the wildest kid yet 
Slides and swimming and no sunscreen on a teacher work day
Tradition = whipped cream from the can
Sophie requested to run with me one Sunday morning. She seemed to love just chattering away and having my full attention.
Spectating Ava's lacrosse scrimmage in style
The other two bundled babes. Ava played lacrosse this fall. It was mostly clinics and scrimmages, so more low key than the real spring season. 
Early October fireworks 

Molly and Mason are big buds

Football guys with Daddy
Restoration Hardware
Shopping with mommy and friends 
Lily saw Disney on Ice Frozen with her friend Grace!
Happy girls!
Our school broke ground on their new building. Papa was on the board and held a shovel!
Sophie played fall softball. The games were half player pitch and half coach pitch. She loved it. 
Playing catcher
 Swing batter batter
 Cutie #6
 Papa and Grammy cheered on our softballer

 Donny was umpire for most games

 Papa and Gigi getting some love after the game