Wednesday, September 17, 2014

End of summer

End of summer included a trip to the American Girl cafe with Sage. 

Watching batting practice from behind Nats dugout and scoring some autographs! 
Then waiting out a rain delay to cheer the Nats onto victory. 
Ava and Sophie did their first triathalon. They had so much fun competing in a 50 m swim, 1+ mile bike and .66 mile run. After they finished they got their faces painted, ran around with friends, moon bounced and had a ball. 

Molly Kate took her last dip (this time sans bathing suit) at our neighborhood pool. 
As I was packing up, she ditched the diaper...
Love these little girls and will cherish my summertime memories. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Happy 4th birthday, Lily!

After celebrating at Disney, we kept it pretty low key for Lily's actual birthday. She had her cousin, Marley, and her friend, Sage over for a tea party, some crafts and snow cones. Thanks to Grandma Mo for the new tea set and trip to a farm the day before when she was in town.

Papa and Gigi came over to take Lily on her birthday date. Her first one! She was so excited.

 Everybody got a cuddle before they were off

 And she caught some fish with Papa!

Thank you for treating our princess like one! 

At 4, Lily is all about her friends, dressing up, riding her bike, learning to swim, playing barbies with her big sisters, and being a great big sister to Molly. Her voice is still so miniature and sweet, and before she goes to bed we always do "secrets" (Daddy loves Lily, Mommy loves Lily, Ava...Sophie...Molly...Mason and even Lily) So thankful for 4 wonderful years with you in our lives. We sure do love you, Lily Paige.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Lovin'

We love summer.
What we've been up to...

Melissa's visit. We stocked up on some quality time together. Reston Zoo trip, pony rides and a picnic one morning. 

 Playing at our house. Carolyn finally got to see the toys we had showed her on Facetime.
 Swim parties at my parents' house

And then of course Disney and a big family photo shoot, swim and lunch afterwards. We said good-bye with a Mexican dinner. We will miss all 4 of them so. She, Derek, and the girls are now safely back in Israel.

Swim Team. June and July mornings were spent at the pool at swim team practice. Our first year on the team! Ava swam in the 7/8 division and Sophie in the under 6. They both worked hard and saw their times drop. Sophie continued to love back stroke, and Ava liked free and became legal in breast stroke (her favorite).
Meets were Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. 
Papa and Grammy with a swimmer
 Molly is always a great cheerleader
 Team spirit posters (and a decorated mini-van with green frogs all over it)
Sophie lined up to swim
 Getting ready for her dive

 1st place freestyle at the divisional meet!! Lily's busy each week in swim lessons and will be with her big sisses soon no doubt.
 Ava grabbing some breakfast in between strokes. These meets were early, hence Molly in her pajamas. 
 Sophie managed a 1st in backstroke as well. Ava got both her best times at the divisional meet and finished 7th in free and 8th in breast. 
At the end of the season awards, Sophie got most improved swimmer for 6 and under. During her time trial, she stopped halfway and yelled out "I have to go potty!" and actually tried to swim back to the wall. After being told to finish the lap, her time was very affected. I think at that point she realized in that scenario you just pee in the pool. So, while, it was only by technicality that she won, she certainly did improve and enjoyed the attention all the same.
 Only one sunburn the whole summer!

Sunday nights at the Club. Papa and Gigi treated us to many fun nights swimming and dinner by the pool.

 Becca's birthday
 Fishing for Father's Day

A new cousin...and then little Miss Delaney Louise was born on July 24th, 15 months younger than Molly to the day
 So it's 6 girls and 1 boy on the Samson side. Lots of fun!
and not too long after and she joined us at the pool too!
Becca looks great and
 how sweet is she?
 Babies and ice cream, Sophie is smiling for sure
 First concert for Ava and Sophie. Donny and I took them to see One Direction at Nationals Stadium. They are a boy band with a slew of songs we have memorized. They had a ball! (and actually so did Donny and I) Papa and Gigi babysat and treated the little girls to dinner out.

Our friends, Shannon and Sienna, came with us. Ava, Sophie, and Sienna before the concert. They had tattooed themselves with 1D faces and hearts in the car.
 All the cell phone lights made Sophie wide-eyed (also it rained the entire time, so Sophie and I wore ponchos)
 family shot. Ava took this one 5 second break from dancing to pose. 
 really cool show with lots of fireworks
 a night to remember!

No pictures of it but we got to be apart of a Bible study Lego club a few times, and some of us did a week or two of VBS. Ava and Sophie had basketball camp once in June and again in August. Our last week of summer is next week, so it really is drawing to a close. It has been a good mix of busy and slower speed, but it is always hard to think of September. 

One of my favorite pictures this summer - to document Sophie's first lost tooth! Sophie lost her first and soon after, her second tooth. 
Wait a second. Wasn't it yesterday she was two and still getting teeth in!? I'll miss this pretty face all day in the fall, my big six year old is headed off to first grade!!